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We are

We are the new standard in online business education.

Founded by Lisa Johnson, here at That Strategy Co, we are passionate about what we do. Lisa’s background is a story worth sharing, and one that resonates perfectly with why we are so clear on our values.

After a tough childhood spent in social housing and having been a victim of bullying throughout her childhood and as a young adult, Lisa despises snobbery, elitism, or victimisation in any form, and is a huge believer that everyone can become a success, regardless of their background.

Lisa’s own journey included a successful climb up the corporate ladder, before starting her own wedding planning business, which became so successful that other businesses wanted to learn how she’d done it so she eventually started her first online education strategy consultancy.

Fast forward 7 years, a Sunday Times best-selling book, a UK Business number 1 podcast, numerous multi 7 figure launches and thousands of clients who have benefitted from Lisa’s strategic advice and simple messaging.

If you are looking for Lisa’s podcast, books, press or media please visit www.lisajohnson.com
It was Lisa’s vision to create That Strategy Co, a place where the ethos is simple - our focus is you, not us. Our passion is to provide a quality, trustworthy service, making it easy for our customers to learn and develop.

Our Goal

To create a new standard in online business education and growth.

Our Vision

To create a world where every person is supported to shape their own version of success.

Our Mission

We teach business strategy simply.

Business is not complicated, people make business complicated.
Lisa Johnson

Our Values

Here at That Strategy Co, we have created three underpinning values that we feel represent what we stand for.

We are risk taking pioneers

We are known for experimenting with what works and being the first to do things – whether that’s a multi 7 figure affiliate launch in a pandemic or showing others how they can make millions in revenue without any unethical marketing tactics.


We deliver with passion and excellence

We simply won’t do anything unless we have put our all into it. We believe in high standards for our clients and love to overdeliver.


We believe in fun and freedom

We want to be the example to our clients that business can be fun (as a team we all go on holiday together annually) and freedom is the ultimate goal – financial freedom but also time freedom which is why as a business we give our employees a 4 day week and unlimited paid holiday.

Above all, we take pride in the fact that we do things differently, with integrity at all times.

We don’t teach fomo marketing, trauma marketing or sleazy sales.

If you can’t afford one of our products, you will never be told to “put it on a credit card” or “get a loan.”

Hundreds of times we have turned away potential clients for these reasons. Instead, we talk, we listen and we offer advice, which is usually to go back to your business, continue to learn, continue to grow your audience, make the money and sign up when you are in a position to do so.

This seems like basic good ethics, but in this online world, we believe it makes us stand out  in a good way.

Never do anything in business that stops you from sleeping at night.
Lisa Johnson
The That Strategy Co Team

Meet the team

Although That Strategy Co has grown rapidly, we have always followed an organic process to arrive at the amazing team we have in place now.

Our team is carefully selected and curated. Often the person arrived before the role, and Lisa is a firm believer in having a flexible approach to getting the most out of each person's skills which often would mean creating or amending roles.

Headshot of Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson
CEO and Founder
Karen Paylor
Operations Director
Abi Horne
CEO and Partner of Authors & Co. Inc
Shelly Shulman
Business Development Manager
Hazel Bell
Finance Manager
Sam Johnson
Clare Purkiss
Marketing Director
Marie Poole
Designer and Social Media Creator
Teri Burvill
Executive Assistant to CEO
Renee Houtstra
Mindset and Accountability Coach
Zoe Mckeown
Student Support
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