Become The Master Of Turning Ideas Into Profitable 6 & 7-Figure Launches

With millions of businesses eager to launch their products or services, your organisation and problem-solving expertise are in high demand. From strategic planning to creative thinking and seamless execution, you can become the go-to expert who helps clients unleash their groundbreaking services and products to the world.


Let’s start with a bold statement:

In the world of online business, the quality and effectiveness of the launch process can make or break even the most diligently researched, perfectly positioned or groundbreaking service.

Let’s say your client has something awesome up their sleeve and they know the world is so ready to receive it.

They have studied and researched their ideal client, so they know their market is there, and have created their product to solve their problem or improve their lives.

But that is not their area of expertise – creating the service is their area of expertise.

They are not an expert in bringing their service to the attention of the world, in a way that will maximise sales.

That is precisely where an Online Launch Manager fits in.

In a perfect online business there will be a mix of evergreen (selling a service continually) and live launching. Live launching is crucial to businesses who want to bring in cash injections and high revenue months.

Live launching is essentially how you sell when you have an online business.

So, what do we mean by a launch and what do we mean by an Online Launch Manager?

  • Well, put simply a launch is a way to raise awareness of a service that your client wants to sell – for example, a course or membership.
  • A way to announce your client’s service to those who most need it via a launch event.
  • Teaching about their ideal client’s current issues and how they offer the solution.
  • Educating them about their service and deepening their authority on the topic.
  • Answering any questions they have and eventually inviting them to join whatever they are offering.

The Launch Manager’s role throughout this most crucial of stages for an online business is multilayered and absolutely indispensable.

They :

  • Oversee all aspects of the launch process.
  • Create and are responsible for the launch plan.
  • Ensure all team members are on track.
  • Keep the client up to date throughout the launch.
  • Advise clients of best practices.
  • Keep the client calm!
  • Advise on assets needed for the launch (graphics, emails, copy, etc).
  • Recommend the most suitable launch style for the product or service being sold.

There are numerous types of events that can be used in launch, from a challenge to a webinar to a workshop, but they all require the same level of strategic planning, efficient execution and consistent management.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are a Project Manager looking to expand your client base.
  • You are a Virtual Assistant looking to uplevel your services.
  • You are a Tech VA who is constantly being asked to help with launches.
  • You are an Online Business Manager who already manages launches but needs to uplevel their skills.

Course Content

Firstly, there are no time restrictions, and no sessions blocked out in your diary.

We believe everyone has their own sweet spot for when they are at their most productive, so you decide when you study, meaning you work at your own pace, in the way that suits you.

There are 6 modules to complete:

On completion, you will complete a case study or examination which will be independently  graded, before you are awarded your accreditation.

Remember, it is not a simple process to receive CPD certification, so rest assured, the level of content is at the very top level – otherwise it wouldn’t have been accredited.


So, let’s just run through what the CPD Certified Launch Manager course provides for you:

  • Learning provided by someone who has experience of 6 and 7 figure launches with different types of clients from different industries.
  • Access to exclusive industry insights and trends that can only be acquired through real-world work, providing you with a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the role that others without proper training may overlook.
  • Providing and developing a comprehensive grasp of the role, enabling you to confidently list launch management as a skill on your client proposals.
  • Tried-and-true strategies and tips that your teacher has personally tested in various launches, ensuring you steer clear of common pitfalls and enhance your employability in this field.
  • A step by step process of how to manage a complex launch from beginning to end for your clients with knowledge of troubleshooting common issues.
  • Providing the certification and knowledge base that will position you as a top candidate for roles such as a launch manager or launch strategist, which are increasingly sought-after in the online job market, making you highly in demand.
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