Become The Tech Brain Behind Multi-Figure Businesses, Even If You Work A 9-5

Ready to transform your career and become an indispensable asset to online businesses? In 2024 and beyond, tech innovation is key, and there has never been a greater demand for crucial technical support in areas like software management, email marketing, and SEO. Want to be the go-to person businesses rely on? Keep reading…
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The Tech VA course is currently in the process of being independently verified with CPD. It is however ready to purchase and the only issue is that your certificate may be slightly delayed.

Let’s start with a bold statement:

In today’s online world, a Tech VA is a necessity for any business owner who wants to grow, complete and sustain profitability in an already crowded and super competitive market.

As an online business owner, knowing what to prioritise in order to maintain growth, profitability and sustainability is a balancing act that only becomes more difficult over time.

As your reach increases, the ability to wear every hat becomes an impossibility, and the juggling act is too much, which is why so many businesses reach a point when they plateau, and often, shut down.

Another factor is the inherent and commonly held fear of anything remotely “tech”. 

Entrepreneurs generally want to focus on creating, on inspiring, on innovating. But these ideas will never come to fruition if the systems and the processes aren’t in place to transform these ideas into a consistently saleable product.

That is why the importance of a qualified and knowledgeable Tech VA cannot be over-estimated.  

Today’s online entrepreneurs cannot maximise the potential of their businesses without a Tech VA to provide a broad knowledge base, a knowledge and proficiency in using various software tools and an awareness of the specific needs and challenges faced by online businesses.

In essence, Tech VAs help businesses operate more efficiently by handling a raft of tech based tasks.

In today’s world, a Tech VA is integral to the success of any online business, for a number of reasons. 

Tech VAs allow businesses to quickly scale their workforce up or down based on their needs. Whether it’s handling increased customer enquiries during a product launch or managing routine administrative tasks, Tech VAs provide flexibility.

As an accredited Tech VA, you will have specialised skills in areas such as funnel creation, system integration, website maintenance, customer support, data entry, and research, all tasks that business owners are currently either doing themselves, or delegating to team members who do not possess the specific skills needed.

Remember, these skills are transferable globally. With the rise of remote working, businesses will look for a qualified Tech VA from anywhere in the world. 

Your potential possibilities are no longer restricted by time or location.

The CPD Certified Tech VA course has been created to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies needed to excel as a Tech VA. 

Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course covers everything from foundational concepts to advanced strategies.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You are a virtual assistant looking to increase your earning potential. 
  • You are a web developer with capacity to expand and an inclination to branch out.
  • You come from a tech background and wish to uplevel or niche into the role of a tech VA.  
  • You want to create a business that can be delivered remotely, from anywhere in the world.
  • You need to work around a family or are employed in a traditional 9 – 5 role as the Tech VA service does not generally need to be delivered during office hours. 

Let’s talk a bit more about that CPD accreditation and what it means, both to you, and your future clients.

When you see someone holds a certificated accreditation in their specialism, you immediately think expertise, and expertise equals more trust, less risk and a far higher chance that you will invest in that person.

Especially when it is from a trusted, recognised and respected body like the CPD Certification Service. 

Certification = Expertise

So when you become a CPD Certified Tech VA, not only do you have that accreditation against your name, you will also have the skills to teach what you have learnt to your clients. Think about that.

And to quote the CPD certification service:

“Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality”

High level of expertise

Being a CPD Certified Tech VA demonstrates to clients that you have a high level of expertise in your field and know how to tangibly implement – you talk the talk and walk the walk!

A trusted authority

When awarded this Tech VA accreditation, you are establishing yourself as a trusted and credible authority, completing rigorous training and meeting standards in order to pass.

New opportunities

Completing this CPD Certified Tech VA course will open up new opportunities and markets, allowing you to expand your customer base and increase your revenue.

Course Content

How does it work?

Firstly, there are no time restrictions, and no sessions blocked out in your diary.

We believe everyone has their own sweet spot for when they are at their most productive, so you decide when you study, meaning you work at your own pace, in the way that suits you.

There are 8 modules for you to access.

On completion, you will complete a case study which will be independently graded, before you are awarded your accreditation. 

By the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the strategies, tools and techniques that drive successful social media campaigns and you’ll be well-prepared to become a successful Tech VA

Remember, it is not a simple process to receive CPD accreditation, so rest assured, the level of content is at the very top level – otherwise it wouldn’t have been accredited. 


You will gain access to the epic pool of knowledge and expertise within That Strategy Co. 

Once you have completed your exam or case study, you will be entered onto our Directory in your field, meaning businesses looking for accredited Tech VAs will know where to look. 

We created our Directory because we know that businesses are constantly looking for people who are trained to an accredited standard, and more than that by an organisation that is renowned through the industry for its integrity and ethical standpoint.

If you are in the Directory, it is a guarantee that you are at the top of your game.

We don’t make false promises, so when we say this really is an investment that you will make back in no time, we really mean it.

Don’t miss out – a one off payment of £997 inc vat or 12 x instalments of £97 will guarantee your place on the CPD Certified Tech VA course. 


Awaiting CPD Accreditation

So, let’s just run through what the CPD Accredited Tech VA course provides for you:

  • You will gain accreditation for a role that enables you to work from anywhere.
  • The tools and strategies to deal with clients demands, so they become dream clients. 
  • The skills to grow your Tech VA business, and how to find, grow and retain clients. 
  • The skills to successfully manage your clients with the best tools and strategies. 

And, why should you choose a course from That Strategy Co?

  • We were founded by Lisa Johnson, an entrepreneur who has grown to multi 7 figures in only 7 years. Lisa’s integrity and honesty is known and respected worldwide. This ethos translates directly into everything we do here.
  • We already have a comprehensive library of well known and respected programmes for business growth that you’ll find in The Growth Academy. We are not new at this!
  • All our courses are CPD accredited (as are we as a business) and we’ve already covered the importance of this in today’s ultra competitive market.
  • Our courses are known for more than just outstanding learning. We are proud and committed to maintaining training integrity and focussing on ethical methods for running your business.
  • Your course, your way. Take your time or fly through the content before completing your exam or case study. There is no “One size fits all” round these parts, and your accreditation will be just as respected no matter which route you take.
  • Our teachers work in the field of the subject they teach, so the old adage “those that can, do: those that can’t, teach” doesn’t apply at TSC as our teachers do both!

Imagine the number of clients you will be able to help with this certification behind you.

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