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The Academy for Online Businesses provides a comprehensive suite of business trainings, for those who want to stand out and who care about quality.

All our courses are CPD accredited, as are we as a business. Our aim is for The Academy accreditation courses to be known for more than just outstanding learning, but also for training integrity and for focussing on ethical methods for running your business.

  • CPD Accredited
  • Integrity as a core value
  • Taught by the experts within your industry
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What you can expect from our courses


Trusted online business training

The online world can be a confusing world. The opportunities to create a business working online are clear, but knowing where to start and how to gain clients in this fast growing industry is not so clear.

Or maybe you are already working online without the certification to back it up.

So when you complete an AOB course, your new clients will have full confidence in you. They will know that you have been trained comprehensively in your specialism and that your professionalism, trust and integrity are beyond doubt. We even have a directory that you can then join as we are trusted by online business employers.


Industry-leading teachers

Our certifications cover a comprehensive range of business support services. Our teachers work in the field of the subject they teach, so the old adage “those that can, do: those that can’t, teach” doesn’t apply at AOB as our teachers do both!

This is a crucial element of what makes our courses so good. Your teachers are living what they teach, day in, day out, so they are always up to date with all current developments in their zone of genius, meaning their teaching and their advice is always relevant in such a fast moving industry.

And once you have found the course you love, there is no waiting for the bell to ring and lessons to start. We work around you so that you can get started straight away. Plus there will be monthly Q&As, meaning you get moving fast, and are supported on your journey towards your final exam and certification.


High level accreditation

We want your accreditation to mean something. To actually carry some weight when you are putting yourself forward as a freelancer, employee or business. To be CPD accredited means that every course has been assessed and analysed to ensure it is up to a high standard of teaching.

These are certifications that will need commitment and dedication, with subject matter that is relevant and current, with an exam and/or a case study to be undertaken to achieve a pass.

Once you have graduated (and thrown your imaginary hat in the air of course!) you will have the chance to be entered onto our directory in your field so that those businesses searching for quality entrepreneurs trained to a high standard with integrity as a core value will know where to look.

What CPD Accreditation means for you

When you see someone holds a certificated accreditation in their specialism, you immediately think expertise, and expertise equals more trust, less risk and a far higher chance that you will invest in that person.
“Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality”

High level of expertise

Being certified demonstrates to clients that you have a high level of expertise in your field and know how to tangibly implement – you talk the talk and walk the walk!

A trusted authority

When awarded this certification, you are establishing yourself as a trusted and credible authority, completing rigorous training and meeting standards in order to pass.

New opportunities

Completing this training will open up new opportunities and markets, allowing you to expand your customer base and increase your revenue.

Certification = Expertise

So when you become certified, not only do you have that accreditation against your name, you will also have the skills to teach what you have learnt to your clients. Think about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

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