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We believe passionately that online businesses should be able to hire freelancers with absolute trust that they are great at what they do and operate in integrity. Because of this, we’ll be continuing to expand the agency over the coming year. We only want to bring you the best so when we find the right people, we’ll bring them to you.

If values are important to you, our agency is going to be an invaluable resource as we’ll only be working with freelancers whose values of integrity, ethics and honesty align with ours.

That Strategy Co. also boasts a full service agency for those that are looking for a done-for-you service.

Ranging from copywriters to brand strategists to Facebook managers, many of our Agency Experts have been trained in The Academy, making That Strategy Co the only place you need for online business education and online business suppliers.

Authors & Co. Inc

We have an experienced and dedicated publishing company within That Strategy Co, and have already helped 100s of entrepreneurs to turn their book idea into a reality.

Professional publishing services

Here at Authors & Co Inc, we offer expert support and insider knowledge to ambitious entrepreneurs and aspiring authors who want to make more money whilst making a difference.

Whether you are ready to start your book idea from scratch or you already have a book that’s ready to publish, we have the resources and the experience to help you.

We can teach you how to self publish, we can publish for you, we can even ghost write your amazing book.

We have options and packages tailored perfectly for you, ensuring a process that is comprehensive, supportive, and inspirational from start to finish.

The end result is a seamless process, culminating in you have a professionally published book in your hands.

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More done-for-you services coming soon…
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