“But why would you do that….?” 

25th January 2024
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“That Strategy Co? Yeah, I’ve seen it I think. Wait, it’s your company?”

This happens quite regularly actually, and whilst I get it to a point, I mean it’s still my new baby, I thought a blog would be an ideal opportunity to complete the necessary actions to the metaphorical i’s and t’s because, at first glance it seems a bit of a leap from what I do, and what I have done in the past!

Namely : Using strategy and clear advice to help people design businesses and therefore lifestyles that align perfectly with their goals and their priorities.

But is it really that different though? Let’s delve a bit deeper…

Here’s a nice, succinct breakdown of what That Strategy Co does :

We Teach Strategy Simply.

Why we do it :

We realised that there are loads ofservices needed to keep modern businesses sustainable, stable and competitive. This is obviously great because it provides opportunities for new entrepreneurs looking to create jobs within the online world, but on the flip side, to access and secure these jobs, there needs to be some kind of recognised,solid, practical – and most importantly,  accredited – certification. So, we created just that!

Want to be a Facebook Ads Manager – we got you. Fancy being a Social Media Manager – why step this way please!

And what we stand for :

We like to say we arethe new standard in online business education. What does that mean? Put simply (and we love simplicity) it means our focus is you, not us. Our passion is to provide a quality, trustworthy service, making it easy for our customers to learn and develop.

We fly in the face of the tarnished reputation of the online world. Where low quality courses filled with fluff by ‘coaches’ who are often still beginners themselves seem to be everywhere.

Big words right? But how do we do actually do this?

We knew that something had to change, and we weren’t prepared to wait for anyone else to do it, so we created – The Academy For Online Businesses.

We teach with integrity. We do not stray anywhere near the world of sleazy sales spiel and underhand tactics. We are no fluff, no bull, all applicable content taught in an open and encouraging way.  

So, we provide our clients with a high level of expertise, meaning they are seen as a trusted authority at what they do, thereby opening up new opportunities allowing them to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

These are accreditations that actually mean something because they are all be CPD accredited, meaning that every course has been assessed and analysed to ensure it is up to a high standard of teaching.

They are comprehensive and detailed and as such our students need commitment and dedication, which is recognised by the fact that upon graduation, they are entered onto our directory meaning that those businesses searching for quality entrepreneurs trained to a high standard with integrity as a core value will know where to look.

So, at the root of everything we do, we are providing them with the means and the support, in an always ethical and supportive way, to let them realise their potential and create the lifestyle they want, without sacrificing their time or what really matters to them.

Not that different at all to what I’m known for then really is it?!

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The Academy for Online Businesses is now live!


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