Can being part of a community lead to success?

30th March 2024
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I feel strongly that community is at the heart of wellbeing and, to a point, success.

Now this needs a caveat or two because not everyone is the kind of person who likes being in a big group with others, but I don’t necessarily see “community” as being as simple to define as that.

Your community is simply the people around you. People who you resonate with, people who “get” you, people who share your values and who you are comfortable to be open and honest with.

This could be 2 people or 200 or 2000.

From my personal point of view, my “community” of friends has become smaller over the years, but the strength and support of this group has grown stronger and my relationships with them have become closer and more meaningful to me.  

From very early on in my online business journey, I knew that creating a membership that fostered community and support over everything else was right at the top of my wish list.

Just being around people who share your values and your ethos is a powerful thing, as you then have the support of those same people as you navigate life’s challenges.

And yet sometimes all we need, especially since the pandemic, is a place to chat or to vent or to laugh. Not necessarily a physical place, but a space that is conducive towards problem solving, support and listening. 

In my experience, the classic Monday morning catchup over a cup of tea has often solved way more challenges than a structured and scheduled meeting. 

So I set about planning and creating a space that ticked all these boxes. Learning, support, education, growth.

After a period of evolution, this space is now something I am hugely proud of. My membership – That Strategy Club – is unlike any other membership. Although it stands to reason that I would say that, I truly believe it. The testimonials from members and the tangible feeling of solidarity and support when we hold our regular in person get togethers is something immensely satisfying and humbling.

I can speak from personal experience when I say that it is this power of community and support that has seen me though some very tough times over the years. When a membership is created in the right way, with the right goals, it attracts the right people and the true power of that hive mind becomes apparent.

When we factor in the professional networking opportunities, the strategic advice, the live sessions, the online training, the meet ups – the importance of this space and the relationships it engenders really become apparent.

So, ending where we started, community will always be key to success.

Find your people, find the place where you feel safe. Where you feel valued, supported, and encouraged. Where you can learn and help others to learn.

When you find this space you will know it, and you will always be grateful for it.

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  1. I love being part of the membership, Lisa and her team are very supportive, kind and there to motivate you and move you forward. The other members are the same it’s a great place to be for support and inspiration. The trainings are so valuable and are delivered in simple steps so you don’t feel like it’s all too much.

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