Can you gain success and still sleep at night?

28th February 2024
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This online world is riddled with pitfalls, roadblocks and “too good to be true” offers.

Every entrepreneur wants to take that next step, to discover the formula that will grow their business to the next level, preferably as quickly and as simply as possible.

There are promises of overnight riches or miraculous systems that can be yours for a bargain price.

Whilst it doesn’t take a genius to see through these get rich quick schemes, there are other, more subtle promises that can snare even the most experienced of business owners.

I like to think I’m pretty savvy. I’ve worked in banking, I’ve had full on, high-pressure roles in the corporate world where I honed my ability to recognise the bull from the genius. 

But, I have been hoodwinked, I have fallen foul of a few wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I’ve found myself substantially out of pocket as a result. I have never hidden these encounters from my story, because they have played a part in shaping who I am now, and how I do business. At one point, near the beginning of my journey, when I was perhaps still a tad naive about the methods used in the online world, I was £30,000 in debt due to investing in a coach who I believed at the time knew everything I needed to know.

I’ve met people who failed miserably to deliver on their promises, and then turned to unscrupulous and frankly dodgy tactics when I dared to point out that they were not delivering what they said they would deliver.

There were times when I felt so disillusioned that I just couldn’t see what the point was. I started to doubt myself. Was the only way to succeed online to act like one of these snake oil salesmen? To fleece the naïve and hoodwink the needy?

But these shady characters and these implausible schemes only served to fuel the fire in my belly. I knew that success and ethics could sit side by side.

And so, I grew my business and I nourished an ethos of integrity and yet I still wanted to do more. I am what you might politely call – stubborn!

This was the reason why I wanted to create an environment where expectations would be met.

Where every client could 100% trust that what they were promised is what they would receive.

Where sleazy sales techniques and false promises were not welcome.

Where integrity and honesty would underpin everything that happened.

Where the products on offer were designed and created to meet the needs of the client – the most important people in this relationship. Full of value and implementable actions.    

And that is why That Strategy Co is a place like no other. 

We have created a new standard of training for online business owners where the ethos is simple – our focus is you, not us. Our passion is to provide a quality, trustworthy service, making it easy for our customers to learn and develop.

We don’t teach FOMO marketing, trauma marketing or sleazy sales. If you can’t afford one of our products, you will never be told to “put it on a credit card” or “get a loan.”

This seems like basic good ethics, but in this online world, we believe it makes us stand out in a good way.

We provide a comprehensive suite of business trainings, for those who want to stand out and who care about quality.

All our courses are CPD accredited, as are we as a business. Our aim is for our accreditation courses to be known for more than just outstanding learning, but also for training integrity and for focussing on ethical methods for running your business.

We want your accreditation to mean something. To be CPD accredited means that every course has been assessed and analysed to ensure it is up to a high standard of teaching.

Success and ethics, side by side. I’m sure I mentioned that somewhere!

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