Become a CPD Accredited AI Innovator

Learn the skills to assess your client’s existing business processes, and identify areas for AI integration, before creating an AI strategy for them and providing the services for implementing that strategy.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a fascinating and rapidly advancing field that focuses on creating computer systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Let’s start with a bold statement.

“There will be two kinds of companies at the end of this decade... Those that are fully utilizing AI, and those that are out of business.” 

Although the term "artificial intelligence" was coined by John McCarthy in 1956, it is in recent decades that we have seen remarkable progress,  meaning its impact on society and the economy is likely to continue growing, making AI an increasingly important field in the coming years.

AI has had a profound impact on online businesses and continues to shape the digital landscape in various ways.

It has the potential to revolutionize online businesses by enhancing customer experiences, automating tasks, improving decision-making, and optimizing operations.

And that is why we knew that an accredited qualification as an AI Innovator had to form part of our portfolio at That Strategy Group.

This qualification will provide you with the skills you need to position yourself in the online business industry as an AI expert, a resource in huge demand in today’s world.

And, by following this course, you will be accredited, giving you the confidence and instilling confidence in your future clients.

This is perfect for you if :

  • You want to help other businesses to implement AI, as “done for you” and/or “done with you” services.
  • You understand that there is a huge opportunity for AI consultants right now, and are ready to take up the challenge.
  • You are open minded about AI, and want to lead and help others who may be less open minded or technophobic.
  • You do not know how to code, and do not plan to learn.
  • You can think logically/strategically but do not need to be tech wizards.
  • You want to use AI with integrity and lead others to do the same.

Course Content

Firstly, there are no time restrictions, and no sessions blocked out in your diary.

We believe everyone has their own sweet spot for when they are at their most productive, so you decide when you study, meaning you work at your own pace, in the way that suits you.

There are 8 modules for you to access.

On completion, you will complete a case study or examination which will be independently graded, before you are awarded your accreditation.


Let’s just run through what the CPD Accredited AI Innovator course provides for you:

  • Each module includes hands on exercises so that you can practice you skills, and make it your own.
  • Many courses about AI are very conceptual and abstract, without getting specific on implementation. This course is instead focused on user cases for online business, and practical ways to implement existing AI tools for those user cases.
  • Students are taught about four levels of AI implementation, and a 5 step methodology for AI Strategy.
  • By the end of the course, you will have created an entire mock AI Strategy for a fictional client, learning skills that you can go on to use for real clients.
  • You will learn how to use existing AI tools, and will not need to learn coding or how to built AI models from scratch.
Certified AI Innovator Accreditation
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