How being visible made me $10 million

15th January 2024
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People often say to me, what’s the one thing that moved the needle for you in your business? And you know, it’s really hard to find one thing isn’t it? Because there’s lots of little things that did it. But it got me thinking, right from the beginning, what’s always been the one thing that has helped my business to make money?

After five years, we’d made $10 million. $10 million coming to our bank account, which kind of shocks me when I think about it. And why has that happened?

I can run a business now with just my phone. I can be visible in ways we’ve never been able to before, we’d have to go on the radio and TV and compete and try and become visible that way. It was a much harder slog. 

Now we can have ready made audiences just by using free platforms. And then everyone complains about Facebook and as a bit of a go because it doesn’t let people see you and all this kind of stuff. But quite frankly, it’s free. I’ve been able to make 10 million without any costs for advertising because I can just BE VISIBLE and I don’t think it’s emphasis enough.  

I think people think oh, there’s lots of things you have to do, like visibility is one part of it. Having brilliant offers is another part, there’s all these different things that we see all the time but actually in the first two years of business it is all about visibility.

I’ll take you through what I did in the first couple of years of my business. In fact, I’ll take you through all of it so that you can see how visibility has played a massive part. So, in the first six months of my business, the only thing I did, like 100% of my work, was just visibility. I opened up a Facebook group, at the time everyone was opening Facebook groups and Facebook was the thing. So, I opened up a Facebook group and I went live in it nearly daily. I missed a few days but you know, I was live a lot, sometimes for two minutes, and sometimes for 10 minutes, but I went live all the time.

I was just sharing tips so people would get to see my personality. I wasn’t even that far ahead of where other people were that I was teaching, but every time I learned something in my business, I would then tell them, “Oh, I’ve just learned this thing or, Oh, this went wrong today”. And I’ll just be really honest about things. And that’s all I did for five months. 

I didn’t have email lists. I didn’t have a website, I didn’t do all the other things that we’re told we’re supposed to do, funnels and the like, I didn’t do any of that. I just went live in a Facebook group. 

In month six, I made £100,000 in profit. I put something out there in month six for the people that had been listening. I would go live every day so people would see me, then tell their friends and the group grew from there. Only once I had made six figures did I start doing one to one work. I made my first six figures on visibility alone, for 20 minutes a day around my full time job. 

Then in the next six months 80% of my time in my business was spent on visibility and lots of people say, you have to work ON your business as well as IN your business. 50/50 is not 50/50 it’s like 80/20. 80% of your business should be working on it, becoming visible, getting people in your audience should be marketing, 20% is delivery. 

I spent 80% of my time in the next year on visibility but this time, as well as going live, a bit less if I’m honest, I probably went live every two weeks. I then asked if I could present in other people’s groups too so that they could get to know me. I still didn’t have the funnel or anything that I should have done until year two. 

Around this time, I started talking about how I’d been £30,000 in debt and two years later, I was a six figure business owner. And that story resonated with a lot of people. I started getting media requests and I got featured in Forbes magazine. It was one of my first publications. My actual first publication was Psychologies magazine.

So I pitched to about 10 magazines with ideas every single month, started getting great coverage, invited to speak on podcasts, TV and stages and by year 3 I was on some of the biggest business stages in the world.

I now have a book published with HarperCollins after pitching and sending proposals to agents, I’ve helped over 6,000 clients and I’ve made $10 million. 

If you want a successful business, you need to be visible and I really believe in a multi-layered visibility strategy is everything. I’m a strategist. I’m always going to talk about how you need a strategy for everything. I definitely wouldn’t have made $10 million if I hadn’t been visible – people know who I am because I put myself out there. Everyone needs to put themselves out there but in a strategic way, not just in a haphazard “I’ll do everything”. 

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