My £1.5 million cash month

5th February 2024
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Completing on a £1.5m (just under $1.9m if you’re a dollars person) cash month has happened more than once in my business over the last three years.

This isn’t a ‘sales’ figure (an example would be we made £2.2m in a launch. That’s a sales figure because I haven’t seen all that money yet, some will come in over months). This is an actual cash figure (in other words it’s money actually paid into the bank account).

But where did it come from?

It’s really important to talk about what it’s made up of because so many people just post numbers which don’t really mean much. What’s the learning to anyone in reading a number? I’m always curious as to why people who post don’t go a bit deeper into where it came from.

So this £1.5m was made up of:

People that paid in full and the first instalment for One To Many®

Some instalment payments from the last One To Many® programme (payment 10 of 12)

Evergreen payments from my Fabulous Foundations course

Some payments for our tripwire Creating Communities

Instalment payments for a handful of Destination Inspiration mastermind clients.

A couple of instalment payments for my Destination Motivation retreat.

PLUS….it’s not all going to be money that sits in my bank for me to spend (which is a shame).

Around £250k will be paid straight out to pay our affiliates for One To Many® and another £100k will be paid out for day-to-day running of the business and others smaller payments that go out this month.

I hope the breakdown helps as seeing the business model behind the numbers will teach you more than any number will. I’ll be sharing the how to build recurring revenue in your business in my most asked-for course One To Many® this month. Join the waitlist below.

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