Stop looking at ‘their’ success

1st February 2024
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I was chatting to a couple of my mastermind friends recently about some of the harder things you have to deal with online when you are seen as ‘successful’ and we realised something interesting.

All of us had others at some point call out whether we really were making the money we said we were. Whether we really were successful. Always publicly to suggest to others maybe we weren’t. And always dressed up as a lesson.

And without fail when this had happened the people suggesting it were people that if you looked a bit deeper wanted to ‘be us’.

They did the same sort of work, usually had a similar programme or challenge names to ours but had not reached the same levels of financial and perceived ‘life’ success yet despite being in the same industry for a lot longer. (I say perceived because let’s face it people only see the good when it comes to success and not some of the harder stuff! who gets to decide what success means anyway?!)

And it was a real eye opener because the reality is you’ll never have your success questioned by someone doing as well or better than you. People doing well in business don’t need to use your success or lack of it for engagement purposes because they’re too busy giving value in their posts and helping clients. That negativity has no place for someone killing it in their business.

And what that really means is that if someone does this to you then you can’t get angry.

Because people who feel like they’re not where they want to be, are triggered by happy people doing well. It’s simply a self protection mechanism to then transfer that lack of self worth to others.

And that’s something we can all understand and it’s not a nice place to be. And so we can turn that anger into understanding and simply wish only good things for them and the hope that their self worth gets stronger.

The biggest thing I’ve learned over the last two years from some really badass mindset coaches is seek to understand why someone is acting badly first. And it’s hugely helped me and my mastermind friends to do this.

I invite you to try it next time someone tries to cause harm to you.

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