Three top tips for business freedom and productivity

19th February 2024
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I work far fewer hours than I ever did when I was in corporate world. I mean, it would be pretty poor if was teaching people how to work smarter not harder by creating passive income streams and I was working all the hours wouldn’t it?

But I always tell the truth about how many hours I work a week, and the freedom that my family and I enjoy as a result of the business model I have embraced and developed.

I have learnt over the years how to make the best use of time and have created a lifestyle where I now work as much on my business as I do in it.

So I thought I’d share my three top tips for how to make the most of your time and find that perfect balance between freedom and productivity.

Work wherever you are

I travel a lot, and I find I am at my most productive on a plane and on holiday. I made £500k while travelling  over the summer holidays with my husband and kids, all from ideas I had while I was “away from it all” because my mind was freed up from the day to day stuff and the creative juices were flowing. So if you’re a passenger in a car, travelling on a train or just sneaking a brunch in at the local cafe, try to make use of those times when you feel a bit more relaxed. There’s no requirement to work, so often your mind will be extra productive because of this.

Work when inspiration strikes

This is one of the best things about working for yourself. The hours you work are chosen by you. I may have had a lovely restful day, where I’ve prioritised self care and have not even looked at my phone, but then when the kids are in bed and I’m watching the latest episode of Killing Eve, I’ll have the greatest idea ever! (Well, a pretty good idea anyway.)

So if you get a lightbulb moment like this, just jump up and spend 20-30 minutes blocking it out. Use a laptop, pen and pad, notes page on your phone – whatever works best for you, but just make sure you record it somewhere. 

Positively procrastinate

If it’s just not happening then don’t force it. If I’m having a day when I just can’t locate my mojo, I think it’s much more productive in the long run to engage in a bit of what I call “positive procrastination”. By this I mean take an hour out to do something that, although isn’t the task you have planned to do, is still something that makes you feel good about yourself, rather than falling into the often negative world of social media scrolling. It could be a walk, a trip to the gym, or even watching an episode of your favourite Netflix show.

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