To retreat or not to retreat? That is the question.

25th March 2024
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When I first became a part of this “online” world, there were some terms that I stumbled across that confused me. 

Now, I’m not talking “heart centred” or “soul client”, although they did, and still do, baffle me. 

There was “mastermind” which to me at the time just meant a perilously difficult TV quiz show, and then there was “retreat” which is what I’d like to talk about here if I may.

I came across people offering retreats, sometimes as standalone offers and sometimes as a part of the aforementioned masterminds.

If you know even a little bit about me, you will know that the power of the mastermind is something that I fundamentally believe in and have used to great success with my own, high-level mastermind, Destination Inspiration. 

The mastermind model is the perfect environment in which to grow, powered by peer-to-peer mentoring and expert facilitation. The focus is on the group and how together you can problem solve, elevate and grow, and really reap the benefits of the “hive mind.”

So, all good so far, but what of the retreat?

Was it not just a bit of a jolly? A chance to hang out in a swanky location, maybe even with some sunshine if you’re lucky?

Was it not just a group of entrepreneurs chewing the fat and sharing stories?

Well, in short, no, and much like the mastermind, I had my eyes well and truly opened.

I’ve already mentioned the power of the group, when a collection of inspirational, and often aspirational entrepreneurs come together. But what ups the ante even higher is when you take this group of people away from their day-to-day.

Away from their desks, away from their “things that need doing”, because the focus is then intensified, along with the engagement, and then ultimately, the lightbulb moments come in droves. 

The breakthroughs that just don’t happen outside of this environment. 

Add to this that us humans are, by design, sociable creatures, and since the pandemic, that simple act of face-to-face interaction has, I believe, become even more important and sought after.

And if these interactions take place in salubrious surroundings or sunnier climes, then that adds to the atmosphere and the vibe, and unsurprisingly, relaxed, comfortable and engaged entrepreneurs are happy entrepreneurs who generally turn out to be productive and inspired entrepreneurs!

So, to retreat or not to retreat? 

There isn’t a generic yes of no answer to this question. Some retreats I have come across are, in effect, just a chance to get away and chill. Others are far more structured and almost corporate in their style.

Neither is right or wrong. Just make sure that if you are interested in attending that you do your due diligence before you sign up. Make sure it aligns with your values and that it will provide what you want it to provide. Make sure the balance is right for you. 

Talk to whoever is organising it. Be clear on what is and what isn’t included.

Get it right and you really might find it is just the inspiration that you and your business have been looking for.

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